Science, Science, and MORE Science!!!

We are well into science now and about to beginning learning about ROCKS! (oh boy!)

Here are some images of our science journals for an introduction to science.

photo 02 photo 03 photo 04 photo 05 photo 06

To learn more about what I did for these pages check out Hello My Name Is Science.

With minerals our notebooks included:

photo 07 photo 08 photo 09 photo 10 photo 12

We also did a streak test and included it in our notebooks.

photo 11 photo photo 01

If you want to know more about where to get the FREE mineral packet which includes instruction materials for minerals read Minerals…oh how i don’t want to teach you.

Now for new material…We must learn about ROCKS!

I have a free packet which includes power point presentations, assessments, study guides and other fun stuff! You can get it here!

I also plan on using this free Rock Newspaper resource. Hopefully they will be wonderful enough to display in the hallway (some students cannot seem to work neatly enough for me to read, let alone display).

I love to teach with books and will begin my unit by reading Rocks in His Head by Carol Otis Hurst.


It is a great story about a man who loves rocks. It isn’t full of information about rocks, but it does get them excited about learning about rocks.

Rocks for me is also a great time to use food to teach. We will do the Starburst Rock Cycle and Snickers plate tectonics (in my FREE packet).

As always, I suggest searching for free resources on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!


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