Tickets Out The Door

T. O. T. D.

Tickets Out The Door are a simple way to assess what your students learned in the lesson, remember from the lesson, or quick assessment of if they get it!

I love TOTD because it lets me know who I need to pull for group again, who is on fire and gets it, and who has made a great connection to the standard.

I have a poster on the inside of my classroom door with pockets on it. Each student has a pocket to put their TOTD in. As students finish the TOTD they go to the door and place their slip in their pocket. Occasionally I use post it notes to use for TOTD. When we use post its the students can simply stick their post it over their number on the poster. It works out wonderfully.

I do not use TOTD every day. Some days we close with sharing our “aha” moments from class, especially if someone in my math group had one of those moments with me earlier. Other times we end the class with adding something to our interactive notebooks. But at least once a week I try to finish with a TOTD to assess student understanding and where they are at as far as mastering the standard.

I have created five different TOTD formats for you for FREE. You can find them here. I hope you find these helpful and useful for working with your students.

I like to print mine on color paper so they stand out. I have also noticed the students think they are cooler when they are on color paper.

I do not use them as a formative assessment, but just a quick informal assessment. I do look at them, make comments on them, and send them home for parents to review with their student.

Here are some links to some other FREE tickets out the door:

If you want to look at some poster set ups which are similar to mine look here:

I hope this was helpful and easily understood. Good luck working with your students and helping them progress into wonderful learners!




3 thoughts on “Tickets Out The Door

  1. I teach in a secondary setting and only heard about this last week – in this regard, your post is timely for me as I’m looking to develop these strategies with my (older) students. Thanks for the great post and link to the other resources!


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