Hello, My Name is Science

Because the way our school flip flops science and social studies my students will have been in school for 23 days before doing any science. It’s crazy, I know…but it works. I get a full hour to teach science (or social studies) each day. That is plenty of time to do an experiment!!!

Science begins next week and I can hardly wait!!! (I LOVE science!!!)

I have made a packet which includes three power point presentations and an observation sheet for their science journals. You can download the packet here for FREE!!!

I start out by reading Meet Einstein to my class.


Then I teach about the scientific method using a power point.

Picture 1

When then do an observation lesson. I put a picture of an orange on the screen and ask them to write as many words to describe the orange as possible on their paper. Then I give them a model orange (you can buy these at Hobby Lobby or Walmart) and ask them to write as many words as they can to describe this orange. Last I hand them a real orange and ask them to describe this orange. We talk about why we do hands on science experiments and how much better the real observation is. (Do not think I am smart over this. I got this idea from my MSP this summer. Thanks Sally!)

The next day we go through a power point about science tools and what they are used for.

Picture 2

Then I have stations set up for them to touch and look at some of the science tools. They practice using them correctly and safely. We then go over a safety contract for their parents to sign also and discuss the alternatives to science experiments (workbook pages—yuck!).

The next day we do our first experiment. You can find all kinds of simple, fun experiments to do. I do a mixture experiment where we talk about why some liquids don’t mix. Its pretty cool and simple. (I keep it simple so we focus on using tools correctly, the scientific method, and observing and using words to describe our observations).

I can not wait for Monday to get here so that I can pull out all of my science toys!!!


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