Books Can Teach It All

I love books! I was a reading teacher for one year and their is not a day that goes by that I do not miss reading to my students. That is probably why I use so many books when I am teaching.

A bad thing about books is they can be expensive. I cannot afford to buy all of the wonderful books I find online, and many times school libraries do not have a lot in the way of books on Susan B. Anthony or Frederick Douglass. I have spent a good deal of time writing Donors Choose projects and getting them funded. Some of the books I have gotten from Donors Choose I have used so far to teach this year.

Below are the books I have read aloud in openings or closings for the past unit in social studies.

Books to Teach Social Studies

These books are incredible and really help the students understand more about each standard we studied.

I also love to read in math. Below are the books we read for division.

Books to Teach Division

I also read to my students when we are packing up. I normally read chapter books to them during this time. So far this year we have read The Math Wiz by Duffy and I Survived: The Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 (Frederick Douglass tie in) by Tarshis. We are currently reading Goblins in the Castle by Bruce Collins (my favorite book of all time!!!). had provided my classroom with close $1,500.00 worth of supplies and books for FREE! As a teacher you can create a free login and design your own project. Then when it gets approved donors will read your project and donate to it. When the project is fully funded the supplies are sent to your school and you simply write a thank you letter, take pictures and post them to the project, and sometimes they ask your students to write thank you letters also.

This has been well worth my time. My current project is called Math Molds Minds. It is for math children’s literature and a teaching book also. I posted this project at the end of last week and only need to raise $107 more dollars (Kia donated half of my project costs!!! Thanks!). Occasionally donors choose will match your donations made with a code word. Between now and September 7th the code word is INSPIRE. If you would like to donate to my project click the link above and make sure to use the word INSPIRE when you are donating (You are the best, by the way!).

Books really do make learning more interesting for students. Whether you are reading to them or they are reading to themselves, books are important to every child’s education!


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