Division Strategies Notebook

I am so far behind in updating y’all on our notebooks. I am sorry. Life gets crazy once everything is up and going again each school year.

photo 24

Of course, we set this section up with the standard (again on a label), essential question and pre and post assessment post it notes (they only fill the pre out when you set this page up). I also made sure the students put a new tab on the page so we could find this section easily.

 photo 23 photo 22photo 21

Each day, after learning a new division strategy, students were given the opportunity to practice this strategy in their notebooks. I check each students before they go to their group for the day. It works out really nicely and allows me to get an informal assessment of who gets it and who is struggling.

photo 20

We also broke down a division sentence and talked about the parts of a division sentence.

My students made a connection really quickly between division and multiplication. It was a great experience, but we have a lot of kinks to work out throughout the year!


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