We Started with Multiplication

When I was told to start my school year teaching multiplication, I kind of freaked out inside. Then I looked at the standards and really we were asked to teach the multiplication strategies. That made me feel a little better. All third grade math teachers at my school sat down and talked about some children’s literature to use as well as the order to attack this great task.

We used Spunky Monkeys on Parade, One Hundred Hungry Ants, Bats on Parade, Each Orange Had 9 Slices, and Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream.

Multiplication Boks

The students loved the books and the illustrations really enhance the discussions about grouping and arrays.

We also used our notebooks to take notes, practice, and assess student’s knowledge of multiplication.


Of course we started with our standard, essential question, and a pre assessment.

photo 01 photo 02

I gave students a post it note with a drawing, array, or multiplication sentence and students had to write the matching multiplication sentence and answer or repeated addition sentence and answer to the post it underneath it.

photo 03

We also talked about the parts of a multiplication sentence, words for multiplication, and symbols of multiplication.

Overall, it was a successful week! My students did well on their assessment and have learned some great strategies for multiplication.

I did create a homework assignment you can find for FREE here.

I hope this is helpful. How do you all introduce multiplication?


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