Harriet Tubman Isn’t the Only One to Escape Slavery

When I went to college, I had never heard of Frederick Douglass. As a freshman I was asked to read The Narrative in the Life of Frederick Douglass. It is a wonderful biography well worth reading, but third graders do not need to read it or know everything in it, so what should I teach my third grade class?

I have put a packet together for Frederick Douglass (also based off of the Our Democratic Heritage textbook).

Frederick Douglass

This packet includes:

  • three power point presentations
  • fact and opinion sort
  • timeline activity
  • vocabulary activity
  • word wall
  • pre and post assessment
  • answer key
  • study guide

This packet can be found for FREE here. Also, don’t forget about the Paul Revere packet FREE here.

Please know that I also use documents within my social studies notebooks from this source. And yes, it is FREE also! (I love the vocabulary and character webs in it!

If you know of any great resources for Frederick Douglass please leave a comment with the link to those resources!


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