Which Class is Mine?

Every school has hallways full of doors that look the exact same, but they lead to different classrooms and different teachers. As a student, I can only imagine how scary it feels not knowing if your teacher is behind the door you are about to open. I have my name on the hall next to my door, but I also wanted to make sure students know by looking at the door. All of my door decorations have “Mrs. Ruff” or a “R” on them, but my favorite is to just use a letter as door décor.

I have made two letter decorations for myself (both which you will see throughout the year as I hang them in my classroom and post them here). I have also made some for other teachers in my school as gifts.


Here is how to make your own!

Go to Hobby Lobby or any other craft store (JoAnn’s has a great selection) and purchase a wooden letter. I like the thin pieces of wood, but have found some benefits to having the thicker letters also. If you do not have the paint colors you want at home or ribbon to match purchase this also.

You are going to put at least two coats of paint on your letter. It may take three to cover it completely. I have found that spray paint works wonderfully for this base coat.

After you have a good base coat you can either continue on for polka dots or skip ahead for ribbon attachment.

Polka Dots: I used a quarter as my stencil for the dots. I traced with a pencil and used a small paint brush to fill in with a new color of paint. This normally takes two coats. If you are putting a lighter color on top of a darker color it will take more coats. When the big dots are dry I use the end of the paint brush (not the bristle side) and with a third color of paint make little bitty dots around some of the bigger dots (not all of the bigger dots though) to add some more color.

When all painting is complete and dry you can attach your ribbon. I use thumb tacks to attach the ribbon. On the thinner wooden letters, do not push the thumb tack all the way in, it will puncture the front side of the letter. Then you’re ready to hang your letter.

 IMG_0402 IMG_0418

(It’s hard to see the little yellow dots on the H and V but they are there)

Now students will know it is your room and you have a beautiful way to welcome them to class!


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