Oh Bad Sally!

My first year teaching I wanted to come up with a creative way to give bad examples of how to do classroom procedures and good examples of classroom procedures. I developed a character who does both.

I have “Good Sally” and “Bad Sally”.

I typically start with the non example (aka Bad Sally). I go to the farthest extreme that I can. I run, jump, scream, throw items, stomp, pout, you name it, Bad Sally does it. Good Sally always follows Bad Sally by doing exactly what the procedure should look like. We as a class talk about the differences between the two, which one was doing what I wanted them to, and who they should want to be like.

The students always LOVE “Bad Sally”! Who wouldn’t? She is the life of the party and not what students expect their teacher to be like. Bad Sally is AWESOME!!! I was taught in college to be sure to be very specific about what you do want to happen and what you do NOT want to happen, so I have Sally. Sally does it all!

Today, Sally came to school. She showed her good and bad sides and yet again was a total success. Anytime we have a new procedure (like when science experiments come up in a few weeks) Sally will visit. I highly suggest creating your own character to help you teach your students classroom rules and procedures.

I also like to read children’s literature which does the same thing. Today I read The Recess Queen to talk about how we should treat our classmates, behave on the play ground, and welcome new classmates. The students loved the book and Mean Gene is similar to Bad Sally (and yes they made the text to self connection 🙂 ).

Classroom management is the most important part of the start of the school year, so really think about how you want to attack this year and get CREATIVE!!!


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