Open House has Come and Gone

Today is a big blur. I got to work at 7:32 am and left at 7:19 pm. Needless to say I am tired, but so excited for tomorrow!

My open house stations turned out great and with some slight modifications for next year I think I have found my go to open house procedures!!!


I guess its true, third try is the charm.

Station One worked well. Parents were able to come in and find their student’s folder, grab a pen, and fill out the most important school information cards.

Open House 2013 001

Open House 2013 002

Open House 2013 003

Station 2 was a partial success. I think next year I will place this station with the school sign in sheets at the front of the classroom. I managed to keep an eye on the clipboard and catch all of the parents, but the location needs to change next year.

Open House 2013 004

Open House 2013 005

Station three was simple because it was to find their students desk. The students do that naturally and the parents eventually follow. I noticed that one parent would fill out the paper work while the other parent watched the power point on the SMARTboard. I think this center was a success!

Open House 2013 006

Open House 2013 007

Station four was a slight disaster. It was snack and addition supplies. I did see a few moms pick up additional supplies, but most students did not get a snack (next year I will leave the snack on their desk). Even few parents got their treat. Instead what seemed to happen was the siblings of the my students played in the ice the waters were in and mixed up some lemonade (really they dropped powder on the floor and got water everywhere). This station will have to be changed and may even be deleted next year.

Open House 2013 008

Open House 2013 009

Open House 2013 010

Open House 2013 011

Station five was almost ignored. Most parents didn’t even notice it, but I also put the Remind 101 and Twitter information in my open house packets.

Open House 2013 013

Open House 2013 012

Station six is always successful. Meet the teachers! I had the best turn out of all of my years, 21 for 21!!! I didn’t meet all of my partner’s students, but I did meet some of them!

Open House 2013 015Open House 2013 014

I was even given gifts by two of my sweet girls!

Open House 2013 016 Open House 2013 017

Now I must make sure my clothes are ready for tomorrow, shower, and get some sleep. I have duty at 7 am and need to get to my room before that to clean up and get everything passed out.

I can’t wait!



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