Weekend Projects

Here are the Cricut creations I talked about in my last post.

Blog August 005 Blog August 004 Blog August 003 Blog August 002 Blog August 001

After finishing these I decided to try to make a t-shirt necklace. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but it is complete.

Start with a t-shirt you don’t need any more. The one below has a small stain on the chest.

Blog August 006

Cut the top and bottom off.

Blog August 007

Then cut the body of the shirt into strips about 3/4″ thick. Do not cut the strips all the way. Leave them connected on one end.

Blog August 008

Then gather the strands and loop them like a necklace. Cut one end from the connected end so that the strands are still all connected on one end, but not connected on the other end.

Blog August 010

Split the strands into thirds, and braid the strands. I left about half of the strands not braided.

Blog August 009

I then hand stitched the ends together.

Blog August 012

It was that simple!


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