The British are coming! The British are coming!

The first social studies standard taught at my school is SS3H2a Paul Revere. Last year was my first year teaching social studies and I spent many hours creating power point presentations, assessments, centers, answer keys, and graphic organizers. Most of the information I used for these assessments were found in our school texts which are fairly new and contain a lot of great stuff.


Although these books are great, I HATE teaching from the text. I think they are good to have and a great resource, but should never become the teacher of social studies.

A typical week in social studies looks like this:

Friday: Pre Assessment of next standard

Monday: Introduce the standard and essential question (include these in social studies journals- let students write what they think the correct answer is to the EQ now). Use a power point presentation to teach some of the material. Do a foldable or some sort of vocabulary activity in the journal. Maybe read a piece of children’s literature on the standard.

Tuesday: Use a second power point presentation to teach more of the material. Show a short video (Brain Pop is normally a great resource for this). Begin centers (vocabulary, fact and opinion sort, timeline activity, children’s literature, teacher time).

Wednesday: Finish teaching the material. Have a class discussion about how this person affects us still today (maybe make a class poster). Finish centers (same from Tuesday).

Thursday: Review game or activity. My SPED students normally do a small group review with the paraprofessional while everyone else reviews with me. Reflection writing or biography (The first historical figure it is more of me demonstrating how to write a biography and what to include in that. Scaffold your students on this, but have them writing about each standard.).

Friday: Post assessment and EQ (Have the students go back and answer the EQ again now. Now you have documentation of growth in the student journals). Pre Assessment for next standard.

Okay, so you may be wondering why I am posting this a full week before I teach it…well I have students with visual impairments this year and in order to have their work enlarged in time all of my work must be done a week in advance. That should be hard, but it will be an adjustment.

I have created a packet full of stuff I have made. Please feel free to use it, change it, don’t use it, whatever.

Paul Revere

It is free HERE.



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