I HEART My Cricut!!!

This week has been crazy! We got home from camp on Saturday night (a week ago) and I immediately began doing laundry. We had church on Sunday, I went to school on Monday and Tuesday (even though I didn’t have to—I know, I’m strange). Actual work began on Wednesday, but is full of meetings as all teachers know. Thursday I worked in my room all day and then Friday came. Friday my husband left for a mission trip to St. Vincent (so I spent all Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights getting everything ready for him). I dropped him off at church at 5 AM on Friday and they got to St. Vincent at 11:45 PM Friday night. This is the shortest amount of time it has taken him to get there with more than 2 people traveling (this is his third mission trip there). I am still praising God for the safe travel and timely arrival.

This morning I got up (reluctantly) and wrote a graduate paper on research based remediation for diverse students who struggle at my school … no one really cares what it was on. But now it is done, turned in, and I can spend the rest of my day doing what ever I would like.

Time to pull out the CRICUT!!!

I love my cricut! I spent Christmas money last year to purchase an Expressions Cricut and I love it. Here are some of the projects I have done in the past few months.

IMG_0540 IMG_0688 IMG_0719 IMG_0749 IMG_0761

Today I am wanting to use my favorite little machine to put my initials on the back of my iPad, a Tervis tumbler, and a tray for my SPED teacher (and partner in crime) at work. So, I’m off to cut. I’ll update you all when I have some fabulous results!!!

Happy Saturday!


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