Set up Your Student Notebooks

I have been participating in a Kennesaw State University partnership for math and science. One of the things I have loved about the partnership is all of the note booking ideas for my students. This year my students will have four notebooks (composition notebooks).

Math Skills
Social Studies

The math skills notebook will only be for teach 5 and180 days of math.

All three of the other journals will be for notes, practice, per assessments, standards, essential questions, reflections, and explanations.

Because the notebooks can become so complex I have notebooks that I will keep in case a student needs to see an example.

Here is how I have set up my notebooks, and will have my students set up their notes book.

The front will have their name, the subject, and an identifying sticker( green is for science, orange is for social studies, pink is for math, yellow is for math skills).

The first page is a title page. Let your students be creative!

20130802-163209.jpg 20130802-163156.jpg 20130802-163149.jpg

The next 6 pages are table of contents pages. This year I have glued in pages for a table of contents, but I know of people who save some pages up front for table of contents and do not glue anything in.


(This table of contents is really easy to make, but comment if you want me to post this on TPT)

Every page after that is numbered and ready to be used.

My hope, and plan is to set up all notebooks with the students one of those first days of school.

Fingers crossed!

Good luck as you begin your school year and meet your new students! Mine come on August 7th!!!

PS- I apologize for the images…this is my first post from my school iPad.


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