Stages of Setting Up Shop

It is almost here…the kids will be back in one week!

I am so ready to be back at work and in a routine, but my classroom is no where near set up. This summer every teacher’s classroom was moved and we arrived back at work to a stack of boxes and furniture. I was able to unpack back in June (before MSP, SPLASH, and CentriFUGE). Then came the task of getting everything where it belongs, posting items to the walls, and making sure all of the technology works (we are still working on that).

When I left for the month of craziness (July) my room looked like this:




Not terrible, but no where near ready for parents, students, or teaching.

I was able to come back to work yesterday and achieved the following:

Alphabet and computers

Number Line

poster wall

Today, was very successful though! I was able to complete both bulletin boards, find another table and six chairs, have a TV and book bag shelf installed, and rearrange my desks. Now my room could be presented to the public if need be (of course there is always more I could do–even when the room looks perfect!). Look at the major accomplishment of today!

front view

Pre-planning begins tomorrow!!! More to do then!


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