I Know How The Good Shepherd Felt

Jesus is the good shepherd. He knows His sheep and will go after them when they are lost. He cares for them and disciplines them.

Tonight (we are still at camp by the way) I went to all of the girls’ rooms to make sure they were all accounted for, and well, but one girl was missing. One of my nine sheep was not accounted for. I know her name, and where I saw her last. I know her parents and what she likes to do. I must find my sheep.

I made sure my other sheep were safe and pinned up. I then went searching for my girl, my sheep. I called her by name. I searched for her and knew I must find her.

Do not worry. She has returned home. She has been found. All of my sheep are accounted for.

During the twenty minutes of having a sheep missing I was worried. I was concerned and stressed. You see, the shepherd must care for his flock. Jesus gave us the perfect example of this and we are to be like Him.

My sheep are here.

Jesus, thank you for being my shepherd.


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