Remembering “The Day”

This week I am at Centri FUGE North Greenville University with our youth group. We are having a great time worshiping, learning, and playing together. It has been awesome to see our youth group grow together as well as make new friendships.

A not so awesome part of camp is staying a part from Kyle (my husband). Because of housing at camp and our church’s child protection policy we must stay in dorms with the students. I love the time bonding with the girls, but miss my husband by my side. With this time a part it never fails that I remember our wedding day and I find myself humming our wedding song (Then by Brad Paisley).

I love our song and have made a piece of wall art for our home with the song a few months back.


This canvas is easy to make and any one can do it. Here is how:

I used a 14 x 16 in canvas and spray painted it cream. After it was dry I used a pencil and wrote the lyrics to our wedding song on the canvas. By my own choice I wrote most of it in print but any time I wrote, “I”, “love”, “you”, or “then” I wrote in cursive. Because the lyrics only took half of the canvas I wrote the entire song twice. Then I used a aerosol hairspray to contain the lead on the canvas (just spray lightly, a little goes a long way).


When the canvas was dry I placed vinyl letters (cut with my cricut) on the canvas. I chose the line that repeated the most in the song for my vinyl letters.

Then it was ready to hang! Simple, Inexpensive, and Sweet!

As we continue on at camp this week I am sure this song will continue to play through my head, but it is all for God’s glory that I am here at camp. Please be praying for our youth group and all that God is doing here in Greenville, SC!


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