Parents Hate the Forms, but Teachers Need the Forms

I received a great question on teacherspayteachers about my open house forms. I know I have shared the stations (which I hope make open house less hectic-fingers crossed), but I suppose an idea of what my forms look like would help.

I have created a packet of forms to assist with open house. You can get it for FREE here.

Open House Forms Packet image

Before I dive into the forms in the packet I must remind you that these forms do not replace the forms your school requires each student to have on file. You must still complete school required forms.

I use a student information sheet which will give me medical and contact information for the student. This form I print on card stock and after it is completed I laminate it. I then put one hole in the top left corner so that I can put it on a ring. Then hang the cards on a hook by the door in my room. This is to allow me to quickly grab them and go in case of an emergency. I also take these on all field trips. Another reason for hanging them in the room is so my teaching partner always knows where to find them in case she needs to call one of my student’s parents (she is kind enough to do the same for me). This allows us to save paper and time finding the information cards.

I also use a parent volunteer form. This form is not required for the parents to return but does give me information about which parents to contact throughout the year when I need assistance. I typically create a log of who volunteered for each part after the forms are returned and keep it in my teaching binder. I also track who I have asked to do things for me so that I do not always call the same parent. I try to spread the love around!

My favorite sheet is probably the Parent 3-2-1. This form allows parents to quickly tell me about their child and their wishes for the child. I have an English and Spanish version of this form and have read the sweetest things about each student on these forms. I like to use the knowledge I gain from these to remind students how much they are loved by their parents throughout the year.

I have put a sample of a welcome pamphlet and packet in this set of papers also. I would not use both of them, but have used each at separate times. The pamphlet is a great way to give quick information, especially if you are going to have a back to school night later in the year where more details can be given. The packet is an incredible way to give a ton of information and details for the parents who want to know everything and may not have the opportunity to come back to school before fall parent teacher conferences.

If I use the pamphlet, I try to include a separate sheet for the supply list. I have put a sample supply list in the folder (which remember you can download for FREE!!!). Also when using the pamphlet I send home a grading policy (a sample is included in the FREE folder).

I have also included a simple Remind 101 and Twitter sign up document. I normally hang these on the wall during open house (I believe they are at station 4 in my open house packet). I have also created cuter ones for my personal classroom using some of the free boarders on teacherspayteachers. It is simple to do that on your own, but you will want to make sure to edit these to include your number and twitter name (sorry if that is not the correct twitter terminology—I am not great at tweeting).

I think you will now be ready for open house, maybe…who knows though!?! I invite you to share ideas and resources with me. Maybe I can improve my experience with open house with some of your ideas!!!


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