Simple Gifts

Many times I feel the need to give a simple gift to someone. Other times I have enjoyed receiving a simple gift. Two of the little gift I have given are pedicure foot scrub and monogrammed soap dispensers. Of course both of these gifts can be found in stores, but because I enjoy making things I made them myself. It was so simple and you can do it too!

Let’s start with the pedicure foot scrub.

I made this for some of my family members and friends last year for Christmas.


You will need:

  • air tight storage containers
  • sugar
  • oil (any kind will work, but I have learned coconut oil is the best)
  • soap scent (optional)

In a bowl mix the sugar and oil in equal parts (so if you use a cup of sugar you must use a cup of oil). Add a few drops of the soap scent (I get mine from Hobby Lobby). The stronger you want the scent the more drops you should add. Stir everything up really well and put into air tight containers. I put scrapbook paper in the lids of my mason jars and added a ribbon with a tag when I gifted them to someone.


Now you have an inexpensive gift  which is very useful in the summer months!!!

Next, lets talk about the soap dispenser.

You will need:

  • foaming soap dispenser (my personal preference on the foaming part)
  • spray paint (make sure it says it is good with plastic)
  • stencil
  • paint pen


I do not suggest the Dial soap dispenser any more. After complete the project with this dispenser I realize when you turn the top (so that it can be pumped) the monogram is on the back of the dispenser (you don’t want to put the monogram over the Dial emblem on the other side). I would get the Lysol container if I were to redo it.

Take the stickers off of the bottle of soap. Spray paint in light coats so the paint doesn’t drip or run.


When it is completely covered (it took me 6 coats) and dried use the stencil and paint pen to monogram the front (make sure you know which side is the front when the pump is working, not closed).


Now I don’t have an ugly container on my counter, and I can refill this any time and still have a pretty, inexpensive soap dispenser.

This gift was easy to make and give to all of my aunts, grandmothers, and friends!!!



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