Where’s the Love?

I was 16 when I met my husband. I was a junior in high school who was raised in church, a born again believer who knew what she wanted in a boy. I was 13 when I made the list of everything my husband would be, and the same night I wrote that list I made a commitment to go on no more than three dates before deciding whether the boy was or was not marriage material.

Yes, 3 dates!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a very literal person. When I made that commitment I meant it, three dates, no more would be necessary.

I had been on three dates ever at this point in my life, all with the same guy, but he wasn’t THE guy so I moved on. Kyle happened to be there when I was moving on. He was tall (6’4”) and cute, funny and kind. He was a Christian with a strong faith and there was something special about him. After our first date I knew I really liked him and that he had all of the qualities I was looking for, but I read through the list that night anyway.

Could God really send me my husband at 16?

I don’t remember date number three, but I do know that after four and half years of dating he asked me to marry him and I knew I couldn’t live without him.

We got married January 8, 2011. During our honeymoon I bought a beautiful sign to hang in our home that said, “Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love” Psalm 90:14. It was hanging in our bathroom for a while and every morning I would get up and pray that verse. I wanted the Lord to satisfy me with His love each day. I knew that Kyle’s love was wonderful and something I didn’t want to live without, but that God’s love was something I needed and could not live without.

Early in our marriage we experienced God work in our lives. Kyle was laid off which allowed him to go on a mission trip he had been praying about. I miraculously found a teaching job a month and a half later which is a story in and of its self (I’ll save that one for another day). We were given a financial gift so that Kyle could go back to college to become a youth pastor. Everywhere we looked we were seeing God provide, and work in our lives. It was incredible!

We began working closely with the youth group at the church Kyle grew up in and I soon feel in love with the high school girls there. I bonded with them and poured into them. I was watching God work in these teenage girls and change their hearts. It was incredible!

In August 2012, Kyle were called to Atco Baptist Church as the interim youth director. After the church brought a new senior pastor in, Kyle became the Youth Director. It was an incredible provision made by God, but I felt so sad. I missed the youth girls from our previous church. I missed Kyle’s family (who also attended the previous church). I missed all of the friends we had made and support we had obtained while there. I am just shy enough to really struggle making new friends and I didn’t know very many people at Atco.

I have continued to pray for God to satisfy me with His unfailing love. I have been working with the youth for almost a year now at Atco and can truly say that I love these teenage girls and feel that they love me too. Don’t get me wrong. It has taken a while. For weeks the girls didn’t really want to talk to me. They were shy also. For a few months they were not sure I would ever make the connections with them that I had with the girls at the previous church (they saw the other girls interact with me at a conference). Then in about April things started to change. They began seeking me out at church. The girls were texting me and wanting to hang out. Now they come and ask for advice, prayer, and just girl talk all the time. Now they search for me in a crowd at SPLASH to say “hey!”

I have felt so much love this week, but tonight I feel an abundance of love. God has showered me and Kyle with blessings for the past two and half years. He has shown us love even in the hard times. And tonight, God has allowed me to be cradled in His arms and rocked. The bible says “Love never fails.” in 1 Corinthians 13:8 and it is so true. God’s love NEVER fails.

So, where is the love?

God has all the love you will ever need and more. The love is with God.

Love is God.


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