Notebooking Boxes

How many of you have your students use journals?

I use math, science, and social studies journal. I love them! Students have all of the information they need in their notebook. They can use it as a study tool, take it home, read it for fun, its just awesome!

Here’s the thing though, I have only been doing journals since January. I had read about them on other peoples blogs, and heard about them from other teachers, but I didn’t know where to start or how to “do” journaling. The Math and Science Partnership through Kennesaw State University is where I have begun to learn about journaling from. They have opened my eyes to all of the possibilities of journals. And here’s the kicker…their is not right or wrong way to do journaling. It is completely up to you on how you want to use the journals.

I use the journals for notes, reflections, experiment findings, data gathering, and a review tool. The journals in my classroom has allowed the students to not only listen to me talk about what we are learning, not only see what we are learning in a power point, but also write about what we are learning.

So, I discovered after a month of journaling with my students that I needed to organize the supplies they needed the most with their journals. Therefore I made notebooking boxes. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought four containers like the ones below.

Notebook Box

In each box I put a pack of color pencils, 6 glue sticks, 4 pairs of kid scissors, several different colored post it notes, tabs, and tape. I have about 4-6 students share each box. The students know when to get the boxes and how to handle them and their content. This is something I taught them very strategically.

If you are interested in journaling with your students, or already journal with your students, I highly recommend creating your own notebooking boxes. The organization will keep you from pulling your hair out later and this is something you can throw together quickly this summer.

Good luck and keep watching for how to set up your notebook (coming soon)!


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