Let Your Students Know They Are Special

I am a perfectionist. Because of this crazy desire to be perfect, I enjoy reading about everything I do (including teaching). One of the books that I love is The First Days of School by Harry Wong. In Wong’s book he talks about making your students feel important and special and one of the ways to do that is to leave them little notes. I created colorful little notes last summer to write to my students on.

positive behavior note picture

You can download these little notes here.

My goal was to write one note a day. When a student did something kind for a classmate, or did well on an assignment I would write them a little note on the back of one of these and leave it on their desk when they weren’t looking. The faces of joy and excitement when they would read their note was well worth the thirty seconds to write it. I kept a role sheet in the Student Information section of my teacher binder (I told y’all that I use my binder for EVERY thing) to make note of when a student was given a note. I did this to try to make it even on who was receiving notes.

This next year I want to continue giving out notes from myself, but I also want to give students the chance to give positive notes to their classmates. I am calling these Brag Notes. Students will be able to write why they are bragging on another student and put in the Brag Box (a shoe box covered in bright wrapping paper). At the end of the day I will read all of the notes to make sure they are appropriate and positive. Then I will leave the note on the student’s that it is to.

brag card picture

You can download these cute notes here.

I hope you use these great FREEBIES to bond your class and raise morale throughout the room!


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