Deco Mesh Wreaths

I have made two deco mesh wreaths, one for school and one for home. When making these wreaths you need a wire wreath frame and a roll (or two) of deco mesh.


Now, I have read several different blogs on how to get the deco mesh onto the wreath frame. I have also heard to use two different sizes of deco mesh. As you can see, the above pictures shows that I used the large roll for my home wreath. Just so you know I used the small roll for my school wreath. It took almost two full rolls of the small stuff. I unrolled the large deco mesh and folded it in half to make it thicker. I also plugged my hot glue gun in because the twist ties did not hold the way some blogs said it would.

Hot glue the end in place (it doesn’t matter where you start). Them go about twelve inches down the deco mesh, bunch it up, stick it between two of the metal frames, fold it back, and hot glue it to the wreath. I normally keep the hot glued sections about three or four inches apart on the wreath. This should leave a large pillow like shape. Repeat this until you have made it around the wreath.

My home wreath I added a burlap, chevron bow to (hot glued on of course). Then I painted a “R”, hot glued it to a ribbon, and hot glued the ribbon to the wire frame.



For the school wreath I used red deco mesh. I added some rolled brown tulle for an apple steam and some green tulle for the leaf. I also added a yellow, small, wooden sign to add my name (it is of course attached with ribbon, hot glue, and thumb tacks). I use this deco mesh wreath for open house and the month of August at school.


I have thickened the wreath and added the brown stem since this picture was taken (but the wreath is at school, in a box, somewhere…).

Remember, having a friendly, home-y environment will make school a little less intimidating for the students in your class and let them know that you care about them enough to make the room welcoming!


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