Setting Up A Teacher Binder

If I could have majored in “organization” in college I would have been in heaven. I LOVE to organize and color coordinate!!! Although eight and nine year old boys and girls do not care about the organization of the classroom, I do. I must know where everything is at all times and be able to get to it quickly and easily. Because of this need I have one binder that is mine. I keep all of my essentials in it so that in a hurry I can grab it and go. The basic ideas for what to include in this binder came from Beyond the Grades blog.


I created my own cover, but there are a ton of free more colorful binder covers out there. Check out the free chevron covers and free black and white options!


I use 8 tabs in my notebook. The first tab is Student Information. I keep all of my students’ names, their parents’ names, phone numbers, e-mails, and address on one or two sheet of paper. This is an easy way to quickly look up the information I may need in order to contact a parent while I’m at home. The second tab is Student Data. I keep data sheets for both of my classes which include CRCT scores from the previous year, Benchmark scores, DRA levels, words per minute, math fact accomplishments, Big 20 scores, etc. This is very useful in meetings and when making phone calls to parents. The third tab is Curriculum Maps. I keep a copy of all of the curriculum maps for the content areas I teach. This allows me to plan from home if I need to. The fourth tab is Grades. I keep a paper grade book in case the Power School grade book ever crashes or a parent has a quick question about a particular assignment’s grade. The fifth tab is PLC notes. I have the agendas from all PLCs for the year as well as any articles or journals we are reading in those meetings. The sixth tab is Grade Level Meetings. I keep meeting notes, agendas, and ideas for the next meeting here. I use the meeting notes stationary found here.  The seventh tab is Faculty Meetings. It is similar to grade level meetings. The final tab is Lesson Plan Ideas. I keep blank paper here for jotting down ideas for future lessons, rough drafts of unit lessons, etc. To down load the cover pages for each section please click here (for the font to work download cinnamon cake from here).


I also keep a calendar in the front of my notebook. I found this cute chevron calendar at The Nest Effect for free!

So now that my notebook is prepped and ready for the next school year, you should go prepare yours. Buy a bright colored binder and find or create a cute cover. Set up your tabs the way that bests suits you and do not forget to have fun with it! It is summer after all.


2 thoughts on “Setting Up A Teacher Binder

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! I have been looking for WEEKS for a teacher planner! Have a few questions! When you put the calendar at the beginning, do you put a whole years worth or just keep one month in there? Also do you keep all the lesson plans in there or do you just keep that week and then take it out?


    • I am glad this was helpful! I keep all of the months of the school year in my binder (which ends up being all year if you are on any additional teams at school like I am). I also keep just my lesson ideas and that week’s plans in the binder. I have a separate binder to keep all old lessons in (in case a parent or administrator wants to see them). Great questions! Thanks for asking!


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