Teach 5

I can not take credit for what I am about to share with you all, but I do have to say, I think I am pretty good at it.

My first teaching partner (Amanda Olford) taught math to our students. She used twenty minutes of her math skills time to do Teach 5. When I became a math teacher the following year I decided to try Teach 5 in my own classroom. It was incredible how useful, helpful, and worthy of 20 minutes Teach 5 was.

Okay, so now that I have shared where I got the idea I must tell you about it.

Teach 5 is a time for heterogenous groups of students to work on assigned math problems, teacher their classmates, and review math skills throughout the year. Typically I have four Teach 5 groups with five students in each group. Because I teach inclusion I try to include one SPED, one gifted, and three general education students in each group. I assign each student in the group a problem. They do the same problem number each day. If, for example, Sally is assigned problem number two, she will always teach problem number two to her group. She is responsible for solving this problem and becoming the master of the problem.

I have created a packet to help you create your own Teach 5 program and spell out more of the details on how to use it within your classroom (establishing groups, step by step schedule of time for completing, determining the problems to include, and where to find resources).

Teach 5 How To

To download this packet for FREE click here.

Each day there are five problems. The problems are covering five different skills. The five skills are the same for the entire week. So Sally who is always teaching number two may solve an addition word problem all five days in the week. I normally pick skills that have just been taught (easier level), are being taught (middle level), will be taught soon (hardest level), or need to be reviewed (easiest level). This allows me to personalize the Teach 5 for what my classroom of students needs unlike what other math skills programs do.

I have created some sample Teach 5s and a complete packet of Back to School Teach 5s for FREE here. Many times I use resources within my classroom to create the teach five though. I also do not normally have a cute border or font on the paper. I have found this can be a distraction for my students and takes me longer to create.

I don’t want to brag too much, but I do believe my students success on the CRCT was partially because of Teach 5. I had 100% of my students (SPED included) meet or exceed standards on the CRCT (44 students in all). I had 91% of my students EXCEED on the CRCT in math! I know that I worked hard, my teaching partners worked hard, and my students worked hard, but Teach 5 allowed them to review over and over again!

I’ll share later about how we set up our notebooks for Teach 5, and what we do with the Teach 5s at the end of the week (no, we do not throw them away or recycle them!).


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