Student Organization

I am your typical Type A personality who wants everything to have a place and be in that place. Eight and nine year old students are not so concerned with this organizational need that I have, so when I got my teaching job I began to think of how I wanted students to keep their belongings. To throw in a curve ball, I was told that two classes of students would be in my room and need to be able to store all of their reading, writing, and ELA “stuff” in my classroom. Yikes!

I looked at each student having a magazine box to store their belongings in.

Magazine Racks

I looked at each student having a cloth bag to keep their belongings in.


I also considered have students leave their belongings in the baskets under their desks.

I didn’t love any of those ideas. Then I saw it! A teacher down the hall from me had drawers for her students to store their school stuff in. Each set of drawers had six drawers and each student was assigned a drawer. Several notebooks, folders, and children’s books could fit in them. They were durable. I got drawers.

I have 8 sets of drawers (6 drawers in each set for a total of 48 drawers).

drawers 1

I put two different colored labels on the drawers (my homeroom will be orange this next year, and my partner’s homeroom will be blue).

drawers 2               drawers 3

I made the labels using the free polka dot classroom labels found here. I added numbers to them in cinnamon cake font found here. I also made a set of the labels for my partner in green and purple. If you want a free download of the labels made for my room click here.

The labels are printed on regular paper and laminated. Then I cut them out and put four small dots of hot glue on the backs of them. Quickly place them onto the outside of the drawers just under the handle. The labels stay put all year, but are easy to take off if you want to switch out labels later.

This will be my third year using these drawers. They hold up remarkably well and store a good bit of supplies. I have found these are worth the investment and keep my students organized!



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