Spray Paint is my Best Friend!!!

Let’s face it…I’m poor. I cannot afford new furniture or home decor. I cannot spend money on house hold items that I do not NEED, but instead want. I must take what I have (most of it given to me and my husband for free!) and make it more my style. I am here to share some of the items that have been made “new” with just spray paint.

Now I must say that I prefer the Krylon spray paint. I get it from Walmart only because it is cheapest there (at least as far as I have seen). I usually choose the high gloss finish, but have used a slightly matte finish before. Sometime I prime the item (especially if it is metal, plastic, or a glossy finished wood). Other times I do not prime (dull or unfinished items).

Let’s start with small stuff… frames, wall accessories, etc.

spray painted frames     Spray painted frames 2

IMG_0265     IMG_0397

IMG_0398     IMG_0497


I have also done three pieces of furniture (two of them were matching end tables).

IMG_0389     spray painted desk

I plan on spray painting a chest/bench later in the summer if the humidity will subside.

I will post step by step directions for some of the smaller items later, but please consider bringing your old decor and furniture back to life with spray paint before just buying something new (you can always bring your old stuff to me! I’ll spray paint it for myself!!!).


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