Walking a Thin Line

For weeks now a song has been running through my mind.

We Are by Kari Jobe

It talks about being the light that has to shine. For me the light is simply the love of Christ, the grace He has given me, and the simple gift of salvation. Every day I walk into school, church, a store, anywhere I must shine my light, His light. As a school teacher there is a thin line I must walk when it comes to God and school. For some reason God has been taken out of school. He has been asked to stay outside, and I simply cannot live like that. I must take God into school with me. I am nothing without His love, grace, and mercy.

I know that I cannot preach to my students or push my beliefs on them, but I can pray for them (which I do daily). I can show them Christ’s love through my actions (a smile, hug, high-five). For many of my students I fear the only God they get is from me. I must shine my light on each child.


I must be the light that helps them see Christ. Will you walk the thin line with me?


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