Looking Back

I was organizing some photos on my computer earlier this week and stumbled upon the images from my first classroom. That seems like ages ago, but it was less than two years ago when I was setting up my first room. 10-C (sigh)…I loved 10-C!


This is one of the many die cut doors I did during the year!


In reading classrooms especially a carpeted area is needed for opening and closings. I used this area of the classroom more than any other.


My bulletin boards are mostly empty. The small green and blue rectangles on the yellow board were where student data was kept for the 25 book standard. You can find these squares free here.


Besides the one stray desk in the middle of the room, the majority of my year was with desks in this formation. I have found that good discussions and group work can be done like this. My second year teaching I had a more talkative class and had to try other arrangements.


I have two group tables because I run groups at the same time as my SPED teacher. My group table traveled slightly throughout the year, but the table of the far side of the room was a permanent fixture.


The word wall was a huge part of my room. It grew to be a mass of words by the end of the year.

Wow! What great memories that room has. My second year teaching I was sent to room 15-C. It was an odd room (2 doors to the hallway and 2 doors to the outside). My third year teaching will take place in 3-A. Yes, three rooms in three years! It has been fun informing my husband each time (he is the extra set of hands in all of the moves). I look forward to the new room, but I am also looking forward to possibly not moving again (how bad would it be to have 4 rooms in 4 years?).


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