Design without a Degree

As a child I always wanted to be a teacher. By the age of 15 I had changed my mind. Teachers don’t make enough money. I’m too smart for that. I’ll do something else. I decided to go to school to become an interior designer. My parents had let me decorate their entire house. I was beautiful! Friends of theirs were asking me to decorate their homes. I can do this! I knew that design was not just decorating. I knew that I didn’t have to have a degree in order to design or decorate. I didn’t seem to care.

I went to Georgia Southern and complete a year and a quarter in design before I realized I did not want to do this. Design was not a lot of decorating, and it was a ton of work that I hated.

I spent many hours in prayer, crying, talking, researching, and reading my bible. My parents would not tell me what to do with my life. My bible didn’t seem to say “Danielle you should be…“. Crying only my eyes puffy, but through prayer I realized that teaching was the only career I was made to do.

I still love to create, decorate, and think about designs. I do not always have the money to buy the items I would love to have (I have the most expensive taste without even trying), so I tend to take the free or cheap and change them to better suit my style or needs.


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