One Year in Reading

I love to read! Really, I do. I loved teaching reading, but I only spent one year as a reading teacher ( I couldn’t stand teaching writing; no offense to writing teachers out there). As a reading teacher I had a hard time getting students hooked on the guided reading books that came with our curriculum, so I visited the literacy room in my school (we have a room full of book sets which are leveled). I selected books that matched the topics my students enjoyed.

After getting the books, I took them home and read each one (cover to cover–imagine trying to read five guided reading groups worth of books in a weekend! My eyes were sore, but it was so worth it!!!) with a pack of Post it notes. When I came to a word I thought a student might not know I wrote the page number and word down. When I came to a spot for a good prediction, or summary, or comprehension question I would write it down with a page number. As I finished reading each book, I would type all of the words, questions, and ideas from the Post it notes with their page numbers in order.

Ta Da! Instant book packet!

I would give each student a copy of the book and book packet. Students would answer the questions and look up definitions as they read the book. We would go over some of the questions during guided reading groups, but I was able to tell if they were understanding the book by how they were working in the packet.

My students loved having a sheet to guide their thinking, and I loved knowing that if I couldn’t meet with them every day they were working with my brain (because my brain created the questions, and thoughts in the packet).

I have begun to edit the book packets and make them more appealing to the eyes. They can be found on my teacherspayteachers page for FREE!!!

My FAVORITE book packet and book so far for guided reading groups is The Boxcar Children book number 1. (Starting a guided reading group with the first book in a series is a great way to hook students.) Below is the book packet and yet again, it is FREE!!! (I don’t think that charging is necessary, we are all on the same team–the I LOVE READING TEAM!!!)


Please enjoy the book packets which are already on my TpT store, and watch for new packets to come!


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